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Oil and ToterWhen used motor oil is dumped on the ground, poured down the drain or placed in garbage cans, it can pollute your water supply, endangering the health of your family and neighbors. It is illegal to discard used oil and filters; they must be taken to a collection center or collected through Vacaville's curbside used oil and filter collection service.

To have your used oil picked up curbside, please call Recology Vacaville Solano at 448-2945 to request a free oil jug and filter bag. Once you receive the bag, put your used oil in the jug and your filter (drained) in the bag. Place the jug and bag next to your blue curbside recycle toter or your green yardwaste toter on your regular garbage collection day. The driver will leave you an empty filter bag and oil jug for your next oil change. Please put only used oil in your jug and be sure to drain your filter completely before placing it in the bag.

If you prefer to take your used motor oil to a collection center, please note the following:

Under California state law, residents may transport up to 55 gallons of used oil at one time. No container may be greater than 5 gallons in size, regardless of content. Privately operated Collection Centers may have additional limitations and specifications. Call the Center you wish to use to inquire about specifications and quantity limits.

Keep your neighborhood healthy - recycle used motor oil and filters!


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