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City of Vacaville residents have become exceptional recyclers. Now it's time to take two other steps that help not only the environment, but also your budget: Reuse and Smart Shopping.
We all know what reuse is, and most of us practice it already. You might donate used household items for your church's rummage sale or to a thrift store. You might spend your weekends exploring garage sales or flea markets. You might check out books from the local library, or participate in Vacaville's annual Winter Garb clothing drive. All of these efforts keep material out of our landfill and reduce our demand for new goods—which helps preserve natural resources.

Smart Shopping also is good for your budget and the environment. Smart Shopping means that you make purchases with a conscious effort to choose products and packaging that are environmentally friendly. Some of the fundamentals of Smart Shopping are presented below.
  • Buy only what you need. If the item is one you use rarely, perhaps you could borrow it from a neighbor or friend. Books, music, movies and other materials are available from the library. Rental services offer an astounding array of products, from heavy equipment and tools, to lawn and garden products, to party supplies such as china and cloth napkins. See your telephone book under "rental" for details.
  • Choose less packaging. Typically, ten cents of every dollar you spend pays for packaging. Choose products with less packaging and minimize waste. Avoid single-serving products, and look for packaging that's recycled and recyclable. The best packaging will have high post-consumer recycled content. "Post-consumer" recycled materials have been used by the consumer, recycled and returned for a second use—such as newspapers that are recycled into packaging for laundry detergent boxes.
  • Buy in bulk. For items that won't spoil or that you use in large quantities, bulk products reduce packaging and usually lower your cost per ounce.
  • Buy recycled. Many products—especially paper products, such as toilet paper, tissues, copy paper and notebook paper—are available with recycled content. Choosing recycled-content paper not only helps protect our forests, but also creates a market for our curbside recycling materials.
  • Choose reusable, not disposable, products. Some of the many reusable products you can use around your house include cloth napkins, rags (to clean up spills instead of paper towels), dishtowels to dry hands, refillable pens and razor blades, and many others.
For ideas on how to practice reuse in Vacaville, please visit our Reuse Directory below. Happy earth-friendly shopping!
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