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Appliance Repair

AAA Appliance Repair
Sells and repairs used appliances     133 Carlsbad Circle
Vacaville     (707) 425-7755

Dan's Appliances
Sells and repairs used appliances     1313-B Callen St
Vacaville     (707) 451-3772

Ken's Appliance Repair Shop

Sells and repairs used appliances     218 ½ Dobbins St.
Vacaville     (707) 448-5435

If you do not wish to repair your appliance, you may be able to donate or sell it to a repair shop for parts. Appliances in working condition can be donated to many thrift stores. Please see Donations and Thrift Stores in the listings below.

For additional appliance repair businesses, look in your local phone book under the following headings, or look under the names of particular items you need serviced. You also might look in your newspaper classified ads for repair services, or check the announcements posted at your local hardware store.

Try these listings:

  •   Appliance - small, service & repair
  • Appliance - major, dealers & service
  • Refrigeration & freezers, dealers & service
  • Air conditioning equipment and systems, repair
  • Washing machines and dryers, service & repair


Appliance Repair
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